Essential therapies for life quality and wellbeing.


Our Vision

That every effort is made to ensure life enriching therapies and
experiences are equally available to all & to heighten awareness of the
value of an integrated holistic approaches to well-being working
alongside traditional medical approaches.


Esence is social enterprise that specialises in delivering holistic therapies for those living with a life-limiting illness.
We recognise that there are many disadvantaged groups within our society, many older people are facing social isolation and poor health. Due to that isolation, many of the most vulnerable find themselves without support, often facing an illness on their own.

More than 15 million people are living with long term health conditions in the UK, predicted to reach 2.9 million by 2018. The prevalence of which 50% aged 50+ and 88% 65 + having multiple health conditions (department of health 2012)

Organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society believe that with the use of complementary therapies and related therapeutic services, it is possible to increase the quality of life, which in itself could help reduce the effects of an illness.


Video – 28/10/2016